Ampang Yong Tow Foo @ Jalan Imbi, KL

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I have been a regular customer of Jalan Imbi's Ampang Yong Tow Foo for many years. Ideally located in the heart of Jalan Imbi (at the side of Honda showroom), this stretch of hawker stalls only opens at night for dinner until late night. This assembly of hawker stalls is difficult to miss as it is always bustling with people every night.

The varieties are pretty standard ranging from stuffed white beancurd, stuffed chili, stuffed bittergourd, stuffed lady's finger, stuffed aubergines, stuffed tau pok (fried beancurd skin), fried sui kow, etc.

Select your own freshly stuffed pieces of homemade yong tau foo and they are usually served in soups. For the size of each yong tau foo and the amount of fish paste used, it is still reasonably priced at RM 0.80 per piece (used to be RM 0.70!).

Their fried sui kow (dumplings) is the best-selling and one of my favorites among the many yong tau foo stalls around. Freshly fried till perfect crispy texture with bouncy tasty generous fish paste filling in it. Dip the freshly fried sui kow into the soup allowing it to absorb into it and accompanied it with sauces (sweet and chili sauce) - perfect! I got to admit they don't wrap the neatest looking sui kow but it is hard to resist after the first bite.

My standard selection of yong tau foo here usually consists of 70% fried sui kow and 30% for the other assortments. The rest of it are just decently good (nothing still beats the bestest softest smoothest stuffed white beancurd from Kuantan which I had many years back, almost as smooth as tau fu fah!), nothing special except for the decent RM 0.80 price per piece.

Verdict: Cheap, good and convenient! Their fried sui kow is a must-have!

Ampang Yong Tow Foo,
Jalan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-221 2549
Business Hours: Opens daily from 6pm - 10pm except Tuesday
Halal: No
GPS: 3.145733, 101.715202

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Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya One, PJ

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Well-known among avid beer drinkers, Brussels Beer Cafe has been the rage in PJ since it first opened. The menu list gives an overview of the unique and wonderful portfolio of Belgian beers and an opportunity to discover the Belgian beer paradise. Reflecting the fantastic variety are: Stella Artois, the Belgian premium lager beer; Hoegaarden, the most popular Belgian white beer; Leffe Blonde or Brune, a unique traditional dark abbey beer; and more.

Beer is easily my least favorite beverage, unfortunately, also the most popular in social settings. I must confess that I'm not much of a drinker but I do enjoy tasting them in 'moderate' quantity. One pint of Hoegaarden white on draft (RM 24), where the world renowned it as "the best of the white beers". It was light and refreshing with a slight bitter fruity taste.

Half pint of Leffe Brune (RM 16), a superb, darkcolored Belgian brown ale with aromas of roasted coffee, vanilla, cloves and dried fruits. The taste is sweet and silky, slightly drying with a well-balanced bitterness.

Maredsous Tripel (RM 29.80), golden amber in colour and has a strong, spicy and malty alcoholic aroma, which is not surprising when you see the 10% alcoholic content on the traditionally styled label. You crazy hardcore party-goers Belgian monks! Where did you learn how to brew beers like this?

Beers and porks are definitely BFF, Best Friends Forever! Grilled pork loin (RM 28.80), pork fillet served with sauté mushrooms, stoemp (mashed potatoes with vegetables), caramelized shallots and red wine reduction sauce. Even though the pork loin was a tad tough, it was fully flavored. Naisss!

A 3 course weekend dinner set promotion which includes your choice of a starter, a main course and a dessert, for only RM 29.90. My starter was pan fried scallops with creamy sauce, portions were generous with 4 big fresh scallops. It was fresh and delicately delectable. The other two choices for starter were sauté prawn with lemon, olive oil, chili and garlic; and deep fried crab claw served with tomato salsa and garlic olio.

The main course, grilled rib-eye steak with prime vegetables, stoemp and wild mushroom sauce. Surprisingly, it was chewy and tough for a rib-eye cut. Should have opt for the other main course instead; grilled duck breast with spicy sweet sauce served with asparagus and stoemp, or red snapper cook in Brussels style with relish tomatoes, candied lemon served with fennel and spinach; or chicken mushroom Alfredo pasta served with chicken, mushroom, cream sauce and parmesan cheese.

For dessert, Belgian waffle topped with banana and served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. The warm waffle went well with the vanilla ice cream and the rich hot chocolate syrup. However, the texture of the waffle wasn't that fantastic, felt like it was reheated with the microwave instead of the toaster/oven.

Verdict: Fabulous hang-out place for premium Belgian beers at a decent price. Not to mention, tonnes of sinful beer foods (all the pork-laden goodness) to go with the beer makes it much more memorable.

Brussels Beer Cafe
4-20-G, Block L,
Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti, Section 13,
46200, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7954 2000
Business Hours: Opens daily from 11am - 2am
Halal: No
GPS: 3.117939, 101.635686

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The all famous Mo Sang Kor Bah Kut Teh from Pandamaran, Klang is one of the few bah kut teh outlets which still commands a huge fan following since 1972. The best part is, now you don't have to travel down to Klang for good bah kut teh. Mo Sang Kor has branched out to several locations including Bandar Puteri Puchong, Lot 10 Hutong and Kepong.

The art of making Chinese tea in Klang, all DIY (Do-It-Yourself), observe carefully:
  1. Firstly, pick a packet of of tea leaves (RM 4), some the usual variants are Pu-Er, Tit Koon Yum, Cha Wong, etc.
  2. Empty the packet of tea into the tea pot and pour hot boiling water into it. You can find kettles/water heaters situated strategically near to every single tables.
  3. Leave it for a minute and pour the contents into the tea cups, not to drink, but to rinse the cups as well as to wash the leaves. You only drink the second brew onwards.
  4. The tea should be brewed for 15 seconds to 1 minute, depending on the desired kao-ness. Make use of the second pot to avoid over infusing the leaves.
Since now you learned the Kung Fu which is passed down from generations to generations, so train hard!

Authentic Klang bah kut teh don't use the clay-pot gimmicks, only bowls are used here. This was my small bowl of pork ribs bak kut teh (RM 9.50). Although the soup is very limited, it was extraordinarily good and can put all the clay-pots to shame. Mo Sang Kor's bah kut teh exhibits a soup base with thicker and darker texture. The meat is really really really tender and tasty. Usually, pork ribs are slightly tough but this simply melts in your mouth as a result from long hours of cooking.

Unfortunately, bak kut teh in Klang has this tendency not to give out more soup. In some places, you might even end up getting scolded for asking for more soup, it is extremely precious. That is why the soup base is so thick and really kao as they don't dilute it for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, I still got my refill once, not much, only probably about 10-15 precious spoonfuls.

The oily rice which is mixed with fried shallots (RM 1.20) smelled very nice and puffy. The fragrance aroma from the rice is really tempting.

The usual side dishes like pork inerts, braised bean curds (RM 6) and vegetables to go with your bah kut teh.

Bah kut teh, the three words that get your heart blocked with those oil swimming in the soup. Unknowingly, you washed down with a few cups of hot chinese tea with the belief that it dilutes and dissolves the copious amount of fat consumed in this pork-laden dish.

Verdict: One of the best authentic Klang bah kut teh I ever tasted. Prices may vary depending on the locations of their branch, e.g. Lot 10 Hutong charges RM 15 per bowl.

Mo Sang Kor Bah Kut Teh,
No.54, Jalan Puteri 2/4,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Tel: 03-8063 8373 / 012-295 2955
Business Hours: 8am - 3pm every Mon - Sun and 5pm - 10pm for Sat - Sun
Halal: No
GPS: 3.021726, 101.61649

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Yogurt Boyz @ Sri Petaling, KL

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Never really liked yogurt, but frozen yogurt is different! It's like smooth ice cream without the richness of ice cream, fat free, cholesterol free, low in GI, no artificial colors or sweeteners and full of beneficial probiotics. So hard to believe that this is actually good for you!

I had my first frozen yogurt from YOGUR Plus in Tropicana City Mall for a whooping price of RM 5 in a small cup, but still considerably cheaper than Yogurberry and Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. Nevertheless, it was nice, refreshing and sourly addictive. Unfortunately, YOGUR Plus came to an end probably due to lack of patronage. Till then, I have not had my frozen yogurt fix until I met Yogurt Boyz. Yogurt Boyz is located in Sri Petaling, same row with Alison and all the dim sum restaurants.

I was shocked initially to see these...only "RM 1.80 RM 2 in a cone", "RM 2.50 RM 3 in a cup"! Additional toppings ranging from freshly cut fruits (strawberries, raspberries, kiwis, dragon fruits, grapes, mango, honey dews, watermelons), nata de coco, Oreo bits, corn flakes, M&Ms, marshmallows, Coco crunch, etc. for only RM 0.70 RM 0.80 each. Plus, free of charge Hershey syrups (chocolate or strawberry) and unlimited self-service chocolate sprinkles. Go easy on the indulgence okay? Frozen yogurt supposed to be healthy and you don't want to make it calorific :P

For few cents more, you can pick flavored yogurt which varies from kiwi to strawberry, raspberry, mango and many more.

Original frozen yogurt with two toppings (freshly cut strawberries and Oreo bits) drizzled with Hershey's strawberry syrup (RM 3.90 RM 5.10) is the perfect match made. Cold zingy tang which is creamy smooth and icily refreshing!

Kiwi frozen yogurt with two toppings (freshly cut kiwis and strawberries) drizzled with Hershey's strawberry syrup (RM 4.20 RM 5.60).

Whenever I passed by Sri Petaling, die die also I must tapau a single cone frozen yogurt (RM 1.80 RM 2) on the go.

Surprisingly, how can this place be empty?!?! Something must be wrong here. Probably due to the location? Lack of proper deco? With the right pricing, I don't see what is stopping them from competing against the big boys that sell 2-3 times more expensive.

Verdict: Totally worth it! Excellent place for cheap and good frozen yogurt if only you care less about the environment.

Last visit (Oct 24, 2010): The environment gotten worse, you wouldn't feel comfortable sitting in here for more than 5 minutes. Most sad, the price went up and they've cut down on the yogurt mixing. It wasn't as sourish rich as before.

Yogurt Boyz Sdn Bhd,
80-A, Jalan Radin Anum Satu,
57000 Sri Petaling,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-3082 766 / 019-338 8552
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm every Mon - Thurs and Sun, 10am - 12am every Fri - Sat and Eve of Public Holidays
Pork Free: Yes
GPS: 3.066842, 101.692768

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